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We decided to go to Tala Bay because the Berenice Beach Club is hosting its annual beach party for the first time this year. For $5 JOD you can rent a snorkel, and the Beach Club will soon have a dive center, so we couldn't wait to have the day off just to relax.

With our sister company Below Adventures we can put together a complete diving package, which includes one night and one diving course. There are also special offers that include overnight stays and diving courses for those who want to plan their own trip to one of the best diving destinations in the world.

Stroll through the centre of Aqaba, shop in the souk, walk through the winding streets or stroll along the beach. In A Qaba there is a wide range of restaurants, shops and restaurants, from restaurants and bars to cafes, bars and hotels to a number of hotels and resorts. If you don't spend a Friday night in and around Aquaba, look for locally made souvenirs in the Noor Al Hussein Foundation showroom, located in one of the city's most popular shopping streets, Souk al-Jadida.

Aqaba and Eilat are located on both sides of the Jordanian-Israeli border and are the only two major tourist destinations in the Middle East and North Africa. Jordan's coastline stretches for more than 20 km and extends to the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, as well as the Arabian Sea.

Spring is the perfect time to visit Jordan, and easyJet's recently introduced weekly direct flights from Gatwick make getting to Aqaba a breeze. You can book a tour of the impressive sights with local operators, but also explore the nearby city of Eilat, which is less than two hours away.

Bait Al - Aqaba Diving Center offers accommodation in the local resort on the south beach of Aquaba. Jet ski rides, beach volleyball, swimming, diving and of course a variety of sports and activities for children.

Small leagues and youth clubs related to football are very popular and are managed and operated by the Jordanian Football Association. The Jordan League, which resembles the English Premier League, has been attracting sensible crowds every week since the start of the season and young people are embracing the sport with enthusiasm. Choose from a wide range of water sports and enjoy the adrenaline that rushes through your veins when you try something different.

The Jordan League, the Jordan Premier League and the Jordan Football Association are the two most popular football leagues in the country, with a total audience of more than 1.5 million.

This private beach club is perfect for a day trip to wakeboarding, surfing, snorkeling and other water sports. The spot is colourful and modern, and you can book water - related fun for the whole family, such as swimming, boating, wakeboarding and surfing. Visit one of the most popular beach clubs in the country, the Jordan Beach Club, to learn more about the club's activities.

The Aqaba beach promenade, known as the Corniche, should also be on your list to appear in the Aquaba list in Jordan. This is another highlight to visit on a hike through AQaba and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jordan and a great place for a day trip.

One of the best things for golf lovers Di Aqaba will visit the golf course of the Ayla Oasis. Many visitors to Aquaba fly to Eilat, land on one or many low-cost flights, fly to Taba and then take a shuttle from Eilsat to A Qaba. Regular ferry services from the Gulf of AQaba to the Mediterranean make it a great option for those who cross into Jordan and continue elsewhere in Sinai, or fly on to a Qatari resort town such as Al-Qassim or Qasr al-Khaimah before landing in EILat and landing in Aquea. There are also buses to and from Aaqaba that bring many arrivals to this city who come from a tour of Petra or Wadi Rum.

The sports city will be built for various sports and will have a tennis court, tennis courts, running track, basketball courts and a golf course. The site has a colourful, contemporary design and was built with the intention of establishing the city as a centre of excellence in various sports such as basketball, football, football, volleyball and tennis.

Under the TEAM Territorial Approach, Egypt, Israel and Jordan will continue to pursue their development objectives within their national territories. Being very close to Wadi Rum and Petra, Aqaba is part of the Golden Triangle and the perfect base for exploring some of Jordan's most popular attractions. If you have read our report about diving centers in AQaba, you know that Jordan, the only city on the Red Sea, is itself a great destination for diving.

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More About Aqaba