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Aqaba is Jordan's only coastal city and occupies a special place in the hearts of tourists who want to experience authentic Middle Eastern life against a backdrop of golden beaches. It is also located directly on the Jordan and is therefore ideal for relaxed socializing and experiencing Jordanian culture. If you have a day just to relax, you can't wait until the first day of your trip to Aqama to find great shopping and dining options.

The Aqaba beach promenade, known as the Corniche, should also be on your "Aqama Jordan to see" list. Another highlight to visit during your tour of A Qaba is the shopping and restaurant facilities on the beach.

To learn more about the history of the castle, visit the Aqaba Museum and also the Archaeological Museum in Amman. Other small museums in Amman are the Archaeological Museum of Jordan, which houses many important archaeological artifacts, as well as the Archaeological Museum of the city and the Archaeological Museum in A Qaba and of course the Antiquities Museum.

The Aqaba Museum, the Archaeological Museum of Jordan and the Antiquities Museum in A Qaba are all located in the same building, located on the second floor of the city center, just a few blocks from the castle.

The best souvenir shops can be found in the nature shops operated by the Jordanian National Museum and the Archaeological Museum in A Qaba, as well as in the Antiquities Museum. There is a wide selection of souvenirs, ranging from jewelry, clothing, shoes, jewelry and even a few other items, but the shop owners are friendly and friendly. If you visit a rest area on the desert highway, you can be sure that you can take some Jordanian souvenirs home with you. There are many shops in downtown Amman during the shopping season Sin of Aqaba This is a small sin - and stops businesses that are clearly targeting tourists.

Or better still, take a weaving course or meet the manufacturers themselves in Udruh's studio and learn more about their handicrafts.

Book a trip to Hussein bin Ali Street, where students learn to preserve Byzantine mosaics and observe the careful restoration process. Built in 1917, the museum was originally intended as an art and culture museum and houses a number of famous personalities from the Middle East and North Africa. Its rugged white exterior is easy to recognize and a must-see for anyone interested in Islamic culture.

Aqaba is part of the Golden Triangle and the perfect base for exploring some of Jordan's most popular attractions, as it is very close to Wadi Rum and Petra. Only a few kilometres from the Jordan and the Red Sea, it has become a major tourist attraction in recent years and has become one of our top destinations in Jordan. With neighbors such as Amman, Al-Qasr, Jeddah and Jaffa (the capital of Saudi Arabia), Aqama completes the golden triangle of tourism in Jordan.

From vegetable shopping to clothes shopping, visitors can experience and feel part of the city life of Aqaba.

When in Amman, don't forget to visit Al Wakalat Street to find some of the European and North American brands and shops lining the streets and offering their latest collections. The shopping malls in Aqaba offer visitors the best retail and grocery stores, which automatically lead to you spending your money. There are so many shopping opportunities in and around Aquaba that you won't let spending stop you! The shopping and other retail outlets in the city offer great opportunities and variety to provide visitors with a great opportunity for variety.

If you are not staying in Aqaba on a Friday, you should visit the Noor Al-Hussein Foundation showroom located on Al Wakalat Street in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the shopping center. If you want to taste some traditional spices, even if you are far away from the Middle East, you can find them in a variety of shops. You can also find some locally made souvenirs in the shop of Feynan Ecolodge's Wild Jordan, made by the Women's Collective, by visiting their shop.

Spice vendors are all over the city, but the best in downtown Amman is Karkadeh on busy King Faisal Street. The best places to shop are in the souks of downtown Amman, and you can still shop there. There are many winding streets in the city center of Aqaba, such as Al Wakalat Street, Al Al-Alwaleed Street and Al Wadi al-Jafar Street in Al Qasr. You can also find them in a variety of shops along the main streets of the city.

s throw from the city centre of Aqaba, the ruins of Ayla are one of the main attractions of Aqaba and a must-see for any Jordan holiday. It may come as a surprise to some that the country also has an idyllic coastal region, but the high sand dunes and the lost city of Al Qasr, which wanders through the desert, are what most people in Jordan expect on a trip. The Hellenistic façade of the attraction shows the rich history of the ancient city and its rich cultural heritage and is one of the most charming places to visit.

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More About Aqaba